Noam Bar Band

Noam Bar make angry woman music.
The texts, written by lead singer and front-lady Noam Bar, go on to tell personal stories about an ex husband, ex boyfriends, ex bosses and other survival experiences and bad choices. The songs are presented with a sharp and critical perspective and wrapped up in upbeat soulful grooves, with a touch of self humor and irony which are sure to make you laugh, cry, dance or all together.

The bands musical style could best be described as “Anderson Paak meets Amy Winehouse”. R&B, Hip Hop and Rap mixed with Blues, Jazz and pop. Carried by the singers soulful voice and the bands mesmerizing deliverance, this is the perfect kind of handmade musical treat, every true music lover was waiting for.

The Band consists of: Tobias Reckfort on the drums, Nic Knoll on the bass, David Gerlach on keys, Laurenz Wenk on the Saxophone and Noam Bar – Vocals and guitar. All members play with such vibrant infectious charisma onstage, that their dynamic performance, together with their tight and electrifying musical craftsmanship has earned them a name in the past years in hometown Hannover, as well as other cities around Germany.

In February 2019, the band went on their first European tour. Traveling over 3000 km and playing 19 shows in 5 countries, over the course of one month. This was a turning point which has earned them many fans across Europe as well.

Due to the first tour’s success, the band has planned a second European tour in January 2020. This time during 6 weeks, playing 27 concerts in 7 different countries starting Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Going through Italy, France, Belgium and the UK. Some, in major cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna.

This live performance will lure you in and make you feel a part of a real and authentic experience, which should definitely not be missed.